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Child Support

Florida Child Support Overview

In the state of Florida, child support is the child’s right to the ongoing financial support from his or her parents. Whether you are going through a divorce, seeking a paternity action, or pursuing the modification of a judgement, your obligation to your child goes beyond the provision of basic needs. Parents are responsible for healthcare, childcare, and educational expenses.

How is child support calculated in Florida?

Florida’s child support responsibilities correspond to the financial situation of both parties and the time sharing each parent conducts with the child. Naturally, parents often disagree on the specifics of support obligations leading to litigation.

Florida child support statute sets forth the method for child support calculations. We work hard to obtain the most accurate information needed to help you reach a fair and accurate outcome.

Our Florida child support lawyer will calculate the number of minor children, both parents net income, and the allocation of time each party spends with the children. These are considered with the overall expense costs of medical care, supervision, and schooling to determine an equitable calculation of child support.

Parents with higher net incomes typically have higher support obligations. The amount of overnight time spent with the child greatly affects child support calculations, as well. With your litigation objectives in mind, we will calculate your support obligations according to Florida statute keeping your goals as our central focus.

Let our child support attorney defend your rights throughout the support or child custody process. With our firms experience and expertise, we can develop a strategy to pursue your child support goals and protect your child’s best interest.

Florida’s Grounds for Child Support Guideline Deviation

Our Florida child support attorney can represent you when seeking support beyond or below guideline recommendations. In order to deviate from normal guidelines in Florida, a party must submit a motion alleging one of the accepted reasons for child support deviation. Sometimes, guideline adherence places an undue financial burden on a parent.

Florida Statutes allow for deviation under a number of possible occurrences:

  • Extraordinary educational or medical expenses (including psychological and dental).
  • Seasonal variations in one or both parents’ income.
  • Age of the child or children.
  • Expenses related to special needs.
  • The child or children have independent income.
  • The total assets of all parties (both parents and the child or children).
  • Any changes in the amount of time-sharing for a parent.

Allow our attorney to scrutinize the details of your case to determine your eligibility for child support guideline deviation. For questions concerning child support guidelines and deviation, call our office to schedule a consultation today.

While deviation from Florida’s child support guidelines isn’t available in all cases, it could apply to yours.

What is the Minimum child Support Amount in Florida?

Child support is determined in Florida using the Child Support Guidelines outlined in 2018 Florida Statutes §61.30, "Child support guidelines; retroactive child support."

Based on Florida's child support guidelines, a household with a combined monthly income of $800 and one child to support will require a child support payment of $190 a month. However, higher income and/or more children will result in higher child support payments.

Enforcement of Standing Child Support Orders

When a party fails to meet their child support obligations, it can be a stressful financial event. We understand speedy action is paramount to relieving this financial stress and avoid undue burdens. Our child support lawyers will evaluate the pertinent information quickly and pursue your claim without unnecessary delay.

Florida courts consider support obligations a child’s right, and so do we. Sometimes, this means seeking contempt and incarceration when necessary. Our expedient well-seasoned team of legal professionals stands ready to defend the economic rights of you and your child.

Child Support Order Modification in FL

In order to successfully seek child support modification in Florida, a parent must show a significant change in circumstances. Florida courts will consider support modification under these instances: a notable increase or decrease in one or more party’s income, and a substantial increase or decrease in the costs of educational, childcare or healthcare expenses. Our child support attorneys are experienced and proficient at seeking child support order modifications.

Whether you need assistance with establishing, enforcing, or modifying child support orders, The Tancredo Law Firm is ready to defend you and your child’s rights. Let our seasoned team and litigator work towards your legal objectives.

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